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Name: Varis
Means of Contact: plurk: humanspectre, aim: hardertokill
Age: 29
Other Characters Played: n/a


Name: Claire Redfield
Canon: Resident Evil
Age: 32
Canon Point: The end of RE: Revelations 2, before the epilogue.

World Description:
(For OCs only. Please describe the setting your character comes from.)

Background Information: The English isn’t great in this, but it’s relatively thorough.

Claire Redfield is a strong and confident woman. She handles crisis well, with a clear mind and a level head, and perserveres where many others might falter. On Sushestvovanie Island for example, even when she was injected with a virus that reacted to fear and would mutate upon reaching a “trigger” point, Claire never reached that point, despite the horrors she was faced with. Her concerns always lie with those who are less capable of defending themselves, and while she didn't always consider herself a fighter, there is an obvious quality of kickass to the way she handles herself. This has just increased during her time with TerraSave, and she’s skilled not only in close-quarters combat (taking down a guy who came at her blind who was a former Marine) but with a variety of weapons as well. She doesn't put up with bullshit, regardless of who it's coming from, and if she thinks what you're doing is stupid or wrong, you'll hear about it. She chewed out a senator with some unpopular views during the zombie outbreak at the Harvardville Airport, for instance.

While Claire has a big heart, and feels compelled to reach out and protect others, the years have definitely hardened her. The woman who faces Alex Wesker and the horrors presented on Sushestvovanie is very different from the 18-year-old who hugged a scared little Sherry Birkin and promised she’d come back for her. She’s always been a little sarcastic, but when presented with strangers or unsettling situations she’s quick to shut a lot of it down, even being somewhat chill towards Moira and insisting the younger girl calm down and deal with the situation they were forced into. She works well with people who prove they can handle themselves, although she takes it very personally if she’s proven wrong in trusting someone, or if they get hurt while they’re trying to watch her back. She can be a bit of a lone wolf as a result, because she doesn’t want anyone else getting hurt because of her, a guilty reflex she’s had since Steve Burnside died in Antarctica because of Alexia’s obsession with Claire. She will try to do everything she can to right whatever she sees as wrong, but this can distract her at times.

When Claire has a goal in mind, she is able to pursue it with a determination that is only rivaled by her brother. One could say that the Redfields are like-minded and incredibly stubborn individuals, but Claire generally differs from her brother in subtle ways, being she's a little bit better at avoiding conflict than he is. Not much, if you piss her off she will likely punch you in the face and then hold a grudge about it, but she doesn't snap quite as easily as Chris. Her stubborn streak does get her in trouble of course, because sometimes she can be just too pig-headed to know when to quit or ask for help.

She has a knack for telling when someone is lying, and generally speaking, if she's quick to trust someone, it's because she genuinely perceives no threat from them. She never trusted the Government agent who became Sherry’s “protector” for example. Of course she’s definitely been wrong with who she trusts although she's naturally developed a suspicious streak a mile wide due to her work with victims over the years. She can trust the wrong person at times, but generally she always handles someone she suspects isn't being truthful with a measure of caution. Neil, for example, was someone she probably shouldn’t have trusted as much as she did. When she is fooled, she takes it personally, and a little more of the sweet, warm-hearted young woman who stumbled into Raccoon City 23 years ago dies a little more each time, replaced by the hardened warrior and protector. She cried for Neil, but when Moira asked if she was crying, Claire replied that she was learning to see a little more clearly.

Truthfully very few people after everything is said and done have her complete and undiluted trust. Her brother, whom she's been through everything from the death of their parents to Rockfort Island with, will always be the first person she trusts with anything, and following closely behind him are Sherry, Leon, and the Burtons. She has friends she's made from her work, and always has compassion towards others, but the way Claire has coped with the things she's faced has been to seal large parts of her heart away. She's coped with the deaths she's witnessed and things she's had to do in biohazard situations, but the mental scars and nightmares will always remain, which makes it harder to let people truly relate to every aspect of her.


While Claire has no superhuman abilities, she does have a good deal of regular human proficiencies. She is a crack shot, well-versed in self defense and hand-to-hand combat (she flipped and pinned a former Marine to the ground when he tried to jump on her). She knows how to pick locks, and is comfortable with most weaponry. Being a member of TerraSave she also knows general life-saving techniques, and can speak a handful of different languages.


(See the Application page for full information. Warning: opting in means your character has experienced death!)

Opt-in?: Yes

What the character is going to lose: Her memory of Steve Burnside

Why you picked it: Steve is one of the reasons she ended up joining TerraSave, and part of the reason she dislikes Wesker so much. Losing her memory of Steve will confuse her and throw her convictions slightly out of alignment.


Name of the Game: Carvaka

Length of Time in Game: 2 monthsish

Summary of the Character's Activities:

She made a couple acquaintances and initially helped with poking around the catacombs, as well as doing some minor stuff around town. Mostly she was sassy at people.

Summary of the Character's Development:

Admittedly it’s a negligible change, I just don’t want to do the whole suspension of disbelief learning again. She’ll be more open to the setting the second time around after ending up here again, and probably settle in a little better


First Person:
[The video clicks on as Claire is checking her gun, and she glances briefly up at the screen before going back to meticulously making sure none of the mechanisms have been jammed.]

I don’t know how many people have experience with zombies, or infected, or whatever you want to call them, but I’m familiar. Maybe not with these plant things, but I’ve been dealing with bioterrorism for over twenty years. Once someone has turned, they’re not your friend anymore.

[She slides the clip back into her gun, locking it in place and fixing the camera with a relatively neutral stare, although there’s a steady coolness in her eyes.]

If you want to survive, try to remember that. In my experience, taking off the head will kill a zombie, but I couldn’t tell you if that’ll work here. Still, it’s a good place to start. I’d be willing to bet setting them on fire also works. But try not to get too close. No telling how infection spreads.

Third Person: Test Drive!
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